Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Campus Life

At the University of International Business and Economics, I came across these hot water thermos.

It seemed like they were standing around waiting for their owners to collect them.

At the university there isn't any hot water in the dorms. Students have to carry these thermos to a place that has automatic dispensers. And it's not free either.

For showers, they have to carry their toiletries with them to the men's and women's shower stalls. In the summer it's OK to waddle around in a T-shirt, shorts and flip flops. But I can imagine it's a drag to have to bundle up to go take a shower and then bundle up again to go back to the dorm.

And I thought I had hot water problems.


IheartNY said...

Interesting, this gives me the idea that perhaps the way to energy efficiency isn't buying energy-efficient devices, but reducing the availability of said devices.

ks said...

i cant imagine when beijing is so prosperous and well developed there is still no hot wate in the dormitories. the human power and effort and time wasted in obtaining this normal living necessity can be better spent if it is provided .