Saturday, October 27, 2007

Suiting Up

All week my coworker was anxiously wondering how his jacket and shirt were doing. He was particularly concerned because the tailor didn't call all week.

But this afternoon we headed back for his fitting.

And it looked good, the charcoal grey jacket and the pink shirt was a subtle complement. The jacket can be buttoned up, left open or buttoned part way. It even looks good with jeans. He was very pleased. We asked the tailor to take in the jacket a bit for a more tapered look.

Then we left and he told us to pick up the shirt and jacket on Friday or next Saturday. Again he said he wouldn't call. Just come, he said. We left excited and satisfied.

But when we were in another store, my colleague realized the tailor didn't do anything to the shirt. So we went back and got that more form fitting too and shorter so that he could wear the shirt out instead of tucked in.

The tailor probably thought we were being too fussy, but then he also knows, the customer is always right.

"Mei wenti", "no problem" was always his answer.

Music to my colleague's ears.

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ks said...

this is an example of exploitation of cheap labor to extreme. typical materialistic, imperialistic practices. it should be condemned. here in canada just shortening of the cuffs of pants will cost $5. tightening a shirt would cost double that amount. long live the prolitariet