Friday, October 19, 2007

An Open Invitation

Netizens, people who post comments on websites or write blogs have talked alot about the ongoing 17th National Party Congress of the Communist Party of China.

And one of them, called Little Fire Dragon, has ignited some interest on the People's Daily's Strong China Forum. He published a post called "Mr. General Secretary, Please come to the Strong China Forum to share your thoughts with netizens."

The post was visited more than 200,000 times. And here was one of the most popular comments:

If General Secretary Hu does come, I have two questions that I would like to ask him, though I am not sure I will have the honor to be answered. My questions are as follows:

First, the relationship between the Chinese people and the Chinese Communist Party. I think without the Chinese people there will be no Party. As Chairman Mao once said, "Water can run without fish, but fish can not swim without water; water is the Chinese people, and fish is the Chinese Communist Party. " The Chinese Communist Party was born for the interests of Chinese people, as well as to safeguard the people's interests for survival, development and advancement. So when there is a conflict of interest between the people and the Party, the people's interest should override the Party's interests, right?

Second, Chairman Mao once said, democracy, and only democracy, is the way to get out of the cycle of rising and falling dynasties. The Chinese Communist Party has repeatedly pledged to strengthen the building of socialist democracy and rule of law. In my humble opinion, everything needs a good plan in order to be well executed. For example, we have developed a "three-step strategy" for China's economy. We also need strategic planning for the building of democracy and rule of law. When will this plan be introduced?

I don't think Mr Hu has waded into the discussion. Perhaps he's a bit busy this week.


ks said...

democracy will come one day when the general public is more educated, when people have more self respect. from the way i gathered on my recent visit to china, there is still quite a ways to go before china can really practise democracy. meanwhile we have to accept the leadership which does its best to manage such a huge population flawed with multiple socio- economic problems. also it has to shed its heavy historical bagagge. afterall rome is not built in a day.

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree with KS's comment. Who will decide when people of China are ready for democracy? Certainly not the Communist party! Much of China's corruption problem would be solved if every member of the Communist Central is arrested and sent to reform camp. Don't set arbitrary limit or schedule on democracy. The time to do it is now! Any lawlessness can still be ruled with a strict enforcement as long people's rights are not violated. People in former East Germany is a prefect example, democracy was born nearly overnight! Would anyone of them wish to return to the bad old days? I am sure not. Suppression of free speech, press, or right to vote will only lead to further resentment among people.

Anonymous said...

I think KS writes propaganda for the Communist Party...if not, he/she should, it's really good stuff!