Saturday, October 13, 2007

Many More to Come

Today marks the 300-day countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

And the Beijing Olympic Committee, known as BOCOG issued "countdown products" that include commemorative pins, and precious metal pieces like gold that have the number 300 on them along with the Fuwa characters, the five animals of the Games.

Of course there are only 2,008 of them. So get yours today.

But wait -- there will also be more on sale for the 200, 100 and 10-day countdowns.

The marketing department should also offer ones for the 88 and 8-day countdowns too. Wouldn't those be more auspicious considering the Olympics will be held on the eighth day of the eight month?

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Honky n Blogless said...

I always wondered, why are they counting down in the western calender? Surely using the Lunar calender is more relevant to China?? (...or is it too hard to figure out!!)