Thursday, October 25, 2007

Making Old New Again

In Hou Hai, there are many hutongs, or old Chinese houses that are falling apart and some being demolished.

And what's taking their place? New ones.

As we walked around the Back Lakes, we saw this construction site in full swing. Construction workers use the cheap but durable plastic material as makeshift aprons as they cut and fashion cement bricks into the right size and shape.

While we're pleased to see the theme of traditional Chinese architecture continue in this old area of Beijing, it's disconcerting to see them manufacture the past.


Anonymous said...

So these aren't restoration/preservation efforts, but just starting from scratch?

Blog Ramblings said...

If they have any spare old roof tiles, I know a lovely heritage building (now 'sort of' protected!)on Stubbs Road in Hong Kong that could do with some. The have to be the real thing though, no "antiques, made-to-order" stuff!

ks said...

on a recent visit to the parthenon i undstand they are using modern technolgy, brand new stones and space age titanium rods to restore these old relic from damages of the enviromnment. some parts are plastic replicas of the origianl. the real ones are preserved inside the museum. that is the way to go nowadays--modern antiques.