Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Living Life to the Sax

In Hou Hai we heard many different kinds of music.

At first there was a small group of Chinese musicians and a singer performing Peking opera songs under a tree.

Then further along a man played the bamboo flute.

But the best was Mr Ma.

He was playing 1920s and 1930s songs on his saxophone.

He played so well we asked him to perform another tune. And he eagerly complied.

Not bad for having picked up the instrument over six years ago.

We particularly liked the old school worker uniform complete with sneakers. Very retro.

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ks said...

hou hai is a very nice spot for relaxation, food and general browsing. the setting with water and old style housing make the place very pleasant. people working there are friendly and helpful. it will attract a lot of street artistst in painting , music and performing arts etc. hope it will floursih .