Friday, September 28, 2007

Set the Canary Free

For the past few days I have been watching with interest the latest developments in a South Asian country whose people are trying to create change.

What was most endearing was reading that the symbol of the country was able to see her people united in her cause.

But at the moment we don't know exactly where she is and now there is chaos on the streets.

Governments around the world have condemned the hard line action, but no one has proposed a solution.

One of this country's biggest financial investors is the one I am living in now. And it has been relatively silent.

It could have enough influence to stop the bloodshed, but it all it has done is called for "restraint".

The people are calling for change. They have had Buddhist-like patience up until now.

And the only person who they trust is hidden away.

I only hope this canary will be set free from her cage and fulfill her destiny to lead her people.

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ks said...

'political power grows from the gun barrel'. it is still true. the u.n. started its sanction against the junta, the us has imposed financial embargo, and freezed assets of high officials. china and india the two most influential neighours should chip in more.