Thursday, September 20, 2007

Green Traffic Week

Right now, in 108 cities across China, it's supposed to be Green Traffic Week.

Places like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are supposed to be encouraging commuters to take buses, ride bikes or walk to work, school or wherever they need to go starting this past Monday. It's supposed to culminate into "No Car Day" on Saturday September 22 where there will be special zones for bicycles, taxis and buses from 7am to 7pm.

As the national English-language media reports, the week-long exercise is to raise residents' "awareness on energy saving and environmental protection" because the country's cities are plagued by traffic congestion and pollution caused by too many vehicles on the road.

And according to the Ministry of Construction, this exercise will take place at this time every year from now on. An official said this will save 33 million litres of gas and cut emissions by 3,ooo tons.

Each city only needs to adopt one green measure to promote green traffic, but the article doesn't explain what those possible measures could be.

Apparently in Shanghai they have asked government officials and those working in State-run enterprises not to drive private cars.

But so far this week in the Chinese capital I haven't seen much of a difference in traffic patterns. It all seems like business as usual. And there haven't been many reports of valiant commuters sacrificing their cars to take public transport either.

Maybe Green Traffic Week is just too green of an idea to be a reality... in Beijing.

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ks said...

despite the green traffic week is quite green, nevertheless it is a start. a journey of ten thousand miles starts with a small step. hope the idea will spread to the masses.