Friday, September 14, 2007

A Grand Feast

This being Friday night we decided to splash out on a banquet for three.

And the destination? Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant.

We started with some appetizers - cold duck webs that were deboned and blanched, then dipped into a spicy mustard sauce; prawns sauteed with preserved vegetables, but these were on the salty side and the only criticism of the meal; and roasted eggplant, the big fat round ones sliced and cooked until they were soft and marinated in a sweet dark soy sauce.

Also on our table were spinach in a broth with roasted garlic cloves; pictured above is pork (the neck muscle of the pig) that was barbecued and dipped in a sweet and sour sauce; tofu filled with either preserved vegetables or XO sauce; and lotus root filled with glutinous rice that were soaking in osmanthus so it was very flavourful and fresh.

Of course we had the main event - roast duck, thinly sliced with a crispy skin and tender meat, wrapped in thin steamed pancakes and garnished with all kinds of condiments from cucumbers and onions to Chinese radishes, garlic, sugar and plum sauce. There were also sesame pockets - hollowed out buns topped with sesame seeds to stuff with the duck too.

As if that wasn't enough, we were also given a complimentary dessert of a fresh fruit platter and a cup of black jello called turtle jelly which is good for cooling your body.

The damage along with a small bottle of Qingdao beer came to 352RMB (US$46.82).

Now that's a feast with great food and superb service.

Too bad my stomach can't handle it everyday....

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ks said...

da dong is the best restaurant we have been to during our short visit to beijing. good in all respects--food quality, friendly service, scholastic decor , attention to details and afterall the price. i would strongly recommend it to my friends visiting beijing .