Saturday, September 1, 2007

China's Poster Boy

The pressure is mounting on 110-metre hurdler Liu Xiang, but he seems to have great momentum this year.

Last night he became the first Chinese to win a gold championship in eight years. He beat his closest rival, American Terrence Trammell in 12.95 seconds.

According to my colleague who is arguably Liu's biggest fan, his strategy is to come from behind and win. She was worried that his being in the outside lane, lane 9 would be a hindrance to him. But instead he even had time to look across to see Trammell slightly behind him at the finish line.

And now expectations are higher for him to repeat his Olympic gold performance next year.

So far he's taking it all in stride. Literally.

He's definitely one to watch next year. Not only is he fast, but is cute, gives good sound bites to the media and is humble. What more could the Chinese team want?

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ks said...

i hope liu xiang is not as corrupted as the two famous divers before him who visited hong kong some time ago and made headline news. he is carrying a heavy burden for the sake of the country. let us wish him well, stay health, avoid injuries and stay away from promoter of the film and entertainment industry.