Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hot and Oily All Over

Beijingers love chillis. They can't get enough of these brilliant red peppers that ignite fires down your throat. Just as vicious are Sichuan peppercorns, small dark brown round spices that literally numb your tastebuds.

And last night at Fei Teng Yu Xiang, diners hovered over various dishes covered in oil and chillis. The restaurant is best known for its shao zhu yu, or fish slices cooked in a basin of oil and seasoned with the hot peppers.

Definitely not my idea of an enjoyable dining experience, but for these customers, it looked like they were having quite the fiery hot feast.

Feng Teng Yu Xiang
No. 1 Gongti Bei Lu
Chaoyang District

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ks said...

i hate pepper hot food. it is very unhealthy to have chilli and oily food all the time. but it is one of the ways to chase away the coldness of the northern country in ancient times. chilli is belived to have the power to chase away the cold air effect out of the body. dont know whether any scientific proof. but i remember last time in beijing every dsih was hot hot hot.