Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stopping the "Ambush Market"

Today the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee (BOCOG) held a press conference today to say it's serious about clamping down on "ambush markets".

This refers to companies not licensed to manufacture Olympic-related merchandise who make counterfeit goods, or organizations that associate themselves with the Games but haven't paid the sponsorships for the privilege to market their brand connected to the international sporting event.

Marketing director Chen Feng stressed BOCOG was serious about cracking down on violators who were "hitchhiking" on the Olympic name. He said they would use the media to help the Olympic organizing committee to criticize them.

Meanwhile, BOCOG had to strike back at an ambush against itself.

This past Sunday, a report from PlayFair 2008 alleged that four companies with contracts to manufacture official Olympic merchandise used children as young as 12 in their factories. The group alleges the child labourers had to work overtime and had 12-hour work days. Chen addressed the issue, saying that after the press conference today he was going to meet with representatives of the four companies.

He warned that if these companies are found to have violated labour laws, their contracts would be terminated immediately.

However, when reporters asked if they could come with him to the meeting, Chen said no.

We'll have to follow up. Stay tuned.


Rodrigo said...

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Kai Sun said...

china is word famous for fake and imitaiton products. now this problem is hitting home. they really need to clean up the dirty rug not to just sweep under it.