Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Setting an Example

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council had its regular media briefing today.

And the spokesman, Yang Yi used the opportunity to urge Taiwan to follow Hong Kong's footsteps and return to the mainland.

"With the successful practice of 'One Country, Two Systems' in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, more and more Taiwanese compatriots will identify and understand 'One Country, Two Systems," he said. This concept will be conducive to a peaceful reunification of the country, the smartly-dressed Yang added.

As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the former British enclave's return to the mainland, the Chinese official was keen to show the Taiwanese that the HKSAR has a "high degree of autonomy".

With more direct chartered flights between Taiwan and China, and closer economic links, it'll be interesting to see who wins when it comes to political rhetoric. And with the upcoming Taiwanese elections, it's anybody's guess how the next leader will shape the island's next chess move.


ks said...

for centuries taiwan has been part of china. it is high time it should return to the motherland. one country two system is the best way to peaceful reunification. a good example is the north and south koreas. li tung hui former taiwanese president has fooled the taiwanese people for years. he is a traitor of the chinese people by exposing his real self. his close relationship with japan says it all. he even visited the' jing guo shin she' national shrine . he is instrumental in preventing unification to become a reality. he should be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Why bother with one country two systems? Why such big hurry for reunification when majority of people in Taiwan don't agree? China does not have the political freedom that people demand. Former president Lee is not the problem...he only made people realize the future of Taiwan should be decided by its people and not some brain-washed fools in Beijing. Why demonize him for visiting shrine where his brother is remembered after being killed at WWII? Wouldn't you want to visit your ancestor's grave too? China is good at twisting the truth and it looks like people do fall for it. 900+ war heads pointing at Taiwan are not very good gestures of China's intention. China's attempt to isolate Taiwan on the international stage will only create more anger and distrust among its people. While one-country-two-system may appear to be working in HK, people there are largely not satisfied. Reunification can wait until China becomes a democratic state.

Anonymous said...

How can Korea be used as an example of one country two systems? While Korea can be viewed as a whole considering it is one people, its operating system is clearly polarized. South Korea's democracy has created a prosperous country while North Korea's oppressive Communist rule has formed a nation of extreme poverty and hardship on its people. Obviously, whatever the South Korean government has done has made it flourish while North Korea's has suppressed it to the ground.

For Hong Kong and China, citizens are free to travel back and forth, yet Chinese citizens aren't free to move to HK at will and live there. So how is that one country when there is a limitation on one's choice of where to live? In the West, if one chooses to move to another state within the country, you can freely do so without having to garner any paperwork which will allow you to do so. In the case of Korea, North Koreans can't even travel to South Korea without going through a rigorous process which, most of the time, is denied by the government.

In terms of oppression, China's come a long way and to compare China and HK with South and North Korea is absurd.

toothfiller said...

When did north and south Koreas become reunified? I must have missed it while doing a root canal. Korean pennisula is hardly a good example of 1country2systems. While I respect KS's personal dislike of Lee Tung Hui, I don't think it was appropriate to suggest a person to be eliminated for his political belief. This is the fundamentl difference between Taiwan and China. Taiwan's future is to be decided by its people and not overseas Chinese that have little or no understanding of the island.