Friday, June 22, 2007

East and West, Old and New

Last month I posted a photo of the Poly Group building, a modern glass box on a busy road in Dongshishitiao.

And when I got off the trolley bus tonight, I made an interesting discovery.

Behind this sleek building is a row of old Chinese-style houses. I have to go one day and see what's in these houses, but the contrast between these two structures is really striking.

It's a great example of old and new co-existing literally side-by-side.

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ks said...

this is a very nice shot, especially taken with a tiny canon camera. i hope to see what the place is like in day time. in europe there are are lots of sights like this-- a stark contrast of old and new. i remember in athens there is a little orthodox temple built under a huge high rise. due to some laws the temple cannot be demolished, thus the highrise built on top of it.