Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Eating Western Food... Chinese Style

I made it to the Beijing Airport early, worried there would be a massive swarm of people trying to flee the capital for the May holidays.

But perhaps most of them left yesterday as it was much less crowded than I have seen it. I breezed through check-in, passport control was relatively painless and then browsed through the airport shops.

The Air China plane was full... mostly of mainlanders eager to get their Hong Kong fix, as I was. I sat next to a couple, probably in their early 40s. They looked like they were middle class, somewhat sophisticated from their dress and manners.

When our lunch came, it was a Chinese main course with a cold appetizer along with a bun and butter.

And when I looked over to my left I couldn't believe what I was seeing: The woman used her plastic knife to pick up some butter, stick it in her mouth, swallowed it, and then repeated the motion before taking a bite out of her bun.

Needless to say she finished the whole portion of butter. I almost asked her if she wanted mine.

I guess no one told her you have to eat the two together.

I've heard of Chinese people adding Coke and 7-Up to their wine for sweetness. But I think eating butter straight just upped the ante of eating Western food... Chinese style.


Jason said...


Tina said...

everytime i see someone use their knife as a fork, I cringe (and this happens a lot in North America too)

Tiff. said...

Oh my god . . . this was too funny! It actually made me laugh out loud! Good thing no one was around to see me :)

Louisa said...

Ha ha, but my beloved westerner loves to eat butter on a bowl of rice, with chopsticks, no less :)