Saturday, April 28, 2007

Word of the Day: Huli Jing

A huli jing is a woman who uses her looks to entice men.

Huli is "a fox", while jing means "fairy".

So when you're scoping out girls, you can ask your buddies, do you think she's a huli jing?


Anonymous said...

Hey Bern!

I LOVE your blog. It's a higlight of my day to read about your experiences in China. Thank you for sharing them!

Best wishes,


ks said...

huli jing originated from a chinese classic of ghost stories-" Liao Jai". the fox changes into a beautiful lady to entice men and later gobble them up. in the western sense we use foxy lady. more or less the same. in the movie-"crouching tiger, hidden dragon" the lady who is zhang ji yee's matron named "green eyed fox".