Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Taking the Bus

The traffic jams during rush hour here test the most patient of commuters. I don't live near a subway stop, so it takes me 30 minutes to get to work from my place and that's in a taxi. Imagine how much longer my travel time would be waiting for the bus and then traveling by bus!

My average cab fare is around 25RMB (US$3.24).

But to go the proletarian route and take the bus, it's only 1RMB (US$0.13).

When you get on the bus, you pay the fare to the driver's assistant, who wears a red jacket. He or she makes sure everyone pays and announces each stop. And if you get an electronic fare card (that you can also use on the subway), your bus fare can be even cheaper!

I need to get one of those cards.

Here's a view from the back of the bus past rush hour, so it's relatively empty.


Jason said...

Hey B - so how long is the ride by bus? Damn, that is soooo cheap.

Beijing Calling said...

Depending on the traffic, the ride ranges from 20-30 mins... as long as a taxi ride!

One of my colleagues is going to take me to the bus station to buy that electronic public transit card.