Monday, April 30, 2007

Milk... Chinese style

I still can't figure this out. The grocery store and convenient stores sell packages of milk... in small bags. How are you supposed to drink it? Poke a straw in it? Cut a hole and pour the milk into a glass? What's wrong with a carton?

And speaking of cartons, the other day I bought what I thought was a small carton of milk (niu nai), opened it and it had a thick texture.

For a split second I thought I bought heavy cream. But then I looked at the carton again and it was yogurt!

It's runny plain yogurt. And you can also get small containers of yogurt that you drink with a straw. Strange but true.


Tina said...

Why? The baggies are easier to transport and the technology is cheaper than tetra paks (no aluminum needed to line the pouches).

How? You either drink it by poking it with a straw that the cashiers give for free or you bite off a corner and suck it.

Fun facts: Take a look at where the milk is produced, a lot of it comes from Inner Mongolia!

I really miss the yogurt drinks. It usually contains a dosage of live bacterium which helps fight off stomach bugs.

Craig said...

Thought you might like this site.

Jason said...

Funny. I just bought some organic milk in a bottle and paid a ransom for it.

Louisa said...

The drinkable type of yogurt is probably similar to Yakult (the lactobacilia ?? drink from Japan). It's also pretty common in Sweden. They come in different fruity flavors too.
Have you noticed an explosion of milk products in China? Well, when I was in Beijing more than 10 years ago, there was hardly any drinkable milk products. The Chinese government is trying to push the consumption (especially among kids, saying it's good for their development) in a bid to create demand for Mongolian milk (much of it will actually go into export, if I remember correctly). The thing is that Chinese (and many Asian) people are lacto-intolerant to some extend... Even Westerners who drink too much milk throughout their lifetime can develop some joint/muscle problems and even osteoporosis. Now the same mistake is about to be made in China -- on a large scale.

Anita said...

actually Yakult has so much sugar in it it actually counteracts what the lactobacillicus does. Doctors in the US have said that Yakult is really not healthy at all. If you want a yogurt drink, buy the ones at the health food store which contains no sugar. I seriously doubt the one in Beijing is all that healthy.