Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Exercise Your Eyes

When I started working, twice a day, I could hear a woman's voice clearly enunciating yi! er! san! si! wu! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to some 1950s Chinese revolutionary music in the background. I thought it was coming from a nearby park or courtyard where people were doing exercises.

The other when the music came on, I asked my colleague where the music was coming from. He said it was from the office.

The office?

He explained when the music came on we should take a break and do some eye exercises to give them a reprieve from the computer screen. I asked what kinds of exercises and he said you're supposed to use your finger tips to do a kind of massage around the eyes.

Then today as I was chatting with a younger coworker, when the music came on again and she giggled. She said in elementary and secondary school they would play this music too after every few classes to rest their eyes.

I wish you could hear it... it's a throwback to Mao and the good ol' days.

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ks said...

the eye muscle exercises make perfect sense. the orbiculares muscle around the eye when tired may cause tension headaches , blurred vision, general fatique. some reprive in massage may generate freshness thus help reducing work mistakes. chinese take massage break, westerners take coffee break.